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From the editor’s desk: award-winning travel writer

From the editor’s desk: award-winning travel writer
In the January-February 2017 issue of Paradise we feature the work of award-winning travel writer John Borthwick, who has contributed a photo essay on the colourful Trobriand Islands.

Borthwick, who is the travel writer of the year, judged by the Australian Society of Travel Writers, witnesses exuberant dancing, singing and tug-of-war tussles. He also marvels at a ‘50-a-side’ game of beach cricket.

The Trobriands are on the radar of the many cruise ships that are coming to PNG these days and buoying the country’s tourism industry.

Also in this issue is our annual 2017 almanac, with all the best events and things to see in Asia and the Pacific.

In PNG, it’s the big festivals and shows that take centre stage, such as the Sepik River Crocodile Festival and the Goroka Show.

Trobriand Islands childrenBut don’t forget the PNG Games are also coming up in March/April, the nation will go to an election in June/July, and Port Moresby will host World Cup Rugby League matches from October 28.

Meanwhile, on the adventure front, intrepid trekker Peter Gamgee takes readers along the 200+ kilometres of the Kapa Kapa Trail, which has been described as the Kokoda Trail on steroids.

We also continue our regular hotel reviews. This issue, it’s Port Moresby’s Gateway Hotel that is under the spotlight.

Our reviewer says: “The essentials are spot on – crisp service, clean public areas – which include tennis courts, a generously sized swimming pool and fitness centre – and an efficient 24-hour airport pick-up and drop-off service.”

In business, we report on a recent visit to PNG of high-end cocoa buyers who liked what they saw. “PNG cocoa has the potential to be some of the best cocoa in the world, hands down,” one of the buyers enthused.


Happy reading and flying.

Robert Upe, Editor

Paradise Magazine, January/February 2017