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Paradise magazine: from the Editor’s Desk, January 2024

Paradise magazine: from the Editor’s Desk, January 2024
For almost a decade now, Paradise has been presenting an annual almanac of the events taking place at Air Niugini’s key destinations.

The 2024 almanac is in our January–March issue, and again is packed with major events, showcasing everything from Papua New Guinea’s famous cultural shows to music festivals, sport and more.

Whatever you want to attend, and wherever you want to go, there is an Air Niugini flight to take you there.

The almanac reveals a particularly busy time in PNG during August and September. This is a time for cultural festivals, including the Enga Show, the Mount Hagen Show, the Goroka Show, the Sepik River Crocodile Festival and more.

The Kokoda Trail features in this issue, with local writer Carmel Pilotti revealing how you can now tackle the famous trek without raising too much of a sweat.

She reports that a Port Moresby tour company has started offering guided one- or three-day excursions along part of the 96-kilometre trail.

The excursions start early in the morning in Port Moresby with transportation to Owers’ Corner at the start of the trail. From there, walkers descend the path into the jungle. The path is steep but rewarding with views of vast forested valleys and distant mountains.

If you’re walking for one day the goal is to reach Imita Ridge, however you can turn around at any point.

One of the highlights on the return journey is a breather at Goldie River where trekkers can take a cool dip.

For something else out of this world, read our story about the secrets that are being revealed from a meteorite that crashed off Manus Island.

Scientists have been studying debris from the fireball, with some evidence that it could have been a spacecraft from another civilisation.

In a special business report called ‘Made in PNG’, Paradise salutes the country’s homemade and homegrown products. They come in many forms and shapes, whether its construction material from Monier, beer from SP Brewery, chocolates from Queen Emma or food products from Paradise Foods.

Talking of food, we review the Green Haus restaurant at The Stanley Hotel & Suites in Port Moresby.

Our hotel reviews in this issue focus on the Hilton in Port Moresby and the Hilton in Cairns, Australia.

Robert Upe, Editor